Touch Sensing

Algorithms For Smartwatches

Eye Tracking Trigger

Eye Tracking Trigger 

When paired with eye tracking, our pinch detection allows you to simply look at the thing you want to select, then pinch your fingers to select it. No blinking, no staring, no speech, just look and tap.

This is point and select on steroids. Faster and easier to learn than a mouse. It's what the mouse wishes it could be.

Wrist Based RayCasting

Wrist Based RayCasting 

Using the IMU we can detect not only where you’re pointing, but also the exact moment you pinch your fingers together.

This means that ray casting interactions are possible with a single IMU on your twist, with no additional headset sensors; freeing up valuable headset battery and compute resources.

Smart IoT Control

Smart IoT Control 

Using the IMU, spatial positioning and our gesture detection you can turn your smartwatch into the ultimate personal remote controller for your smart devices.

Intuitively turn on and off lights, turn up the music or flick through channels with nothing but your smartwatch.

Hands-Free Watch Interactions

Hands-Free Watch Interactions 

Using the IMU and heart rate sensors our algorithms unlock a variety of possible watch interactions.

Tap to scroll through menus, double-tap to select and pinch and hold to confirm critical actions. Navigating your smartwatch menus couldn't be easier.

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